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Nine Skies

Nous vous avons récemment annoncé l’arrivée d’Achraf au sein du groupe (chant + guitare) et nous sommes actuellement en train de composer et d’enregistrer le nouvel album.

Ce dernier sera un album acoustique incluant un quatuor à cordes.

A suivre…


Following Ghosts - Expanded Edition: 3CD re-issue / LP Release +++ Galahad Electric Company - When The Battle is Over To be released in October ! ++++ Way More info on their website

NTH Ascension

... We are now on our own label and truly are a 'grassroots' band having started from the ground up, looking to the many friends and fans we've come to know and appreciate over the past decade to make this dream come to fruition. In these crazy times where the music industry is suffering so much, we want to ask you to put your belief into us and this project in order to make it happen. We are so grateful for every single contribution and for your belief in us! THANKYOU!

The Pineapple Thief

The Pineapple Thief fera paraitre son nouvel album Versions Of The Truth le 4 septembre via Kscope. Le groupe partage également ‘Demons’ et la vidéo qui l’accompagne (réalisé par George Laycock, produit par Blacktide Phonic / Visual), le premier extrait de l’album à venir, disponible en précommande:

Tout au long de l'album, The Pineapple Thief explore de vastes territoires sonores, avec des passages minimalistes construits sur des crescendos explosifs et des passages instrumentaux qui mélangent des éléments disparates dans un expressionnisme fluide pour créer une dichotomie immersive. C'est un album qui tient un miroir face aux chaos et aux conflits de la vie du 21e siècle et essaie de donner un sens aux reflets déformés qui le regardent. Un flou entre le réel et le perçu, entre le sens et l'intention. Le titre dit tout: c'est la trame sonore d'un monde post-vérité.


Depuis près de vingt ans, Gazpacho règne en tant que rois du « Art Rock atmosphérique et affectif », ce qui n’est certainement pas un mince exploit, considérant que ce sous-genre est rempli de d’artistes aussi brillants qu’émouvants; Pourtant, aucun d'entre eux ne parvient à atteindre le même niveau de résonance baroque et d’introspectivité que le sextuor norvégien. En conséquence, Gazpacho ne rate jamais l’occasion d’étudier la condition humaine. La dernière observation en lice, Fireworker, à paraitre le 18 septembre ne fait pas exception. C'est sans aucun doute l'une de leurs plus grandes réalisations en carrière.

Conceptuellement, Fireworker continu la tradition du groupe de mélanger les grands dilemmes philosophiques, de stimuler les tendances littéraires et les troubles personnels. D'une certaine manière, Fireworker est le point culminant des thèmes et des techniques présents sur les albums précédents. Combinant l'isolement fataliste de Night et Missa Atropos; le malheureux drame narratif de Tick Tock et Soyouz; et les lourdes contemplations théologiques/scientifiques de Demon et Molok. Au-delà de ça, sa prémisse centrale (l'humanité a toujours été contrôlée par une créature infaillible et omnisciente déterminée à se propager à tout prix) signifie que Fireworker apparaît comme le parapluie global sous lequel tous ses prédécesseurs se produisent.

Arabs in Aspic

June 12, 2020. Hailing from Trondheim in Norway, Arabs in Aspic has been mid-Norway’s flagship of 70s inspired progressive rock and proto-hardrock for the past 15 years. They’ve been described as a sweet mixture of loud, heavy guitars and drums, 12 string acoustics, funky bass and percussion, screaming Hammond organs, soft Rhodes, Mellotrons and 70s Synths, topped with plentiful vocal harmonies - and this is also what they give us on their seventh album.

Professor Tip Top

PROFESSOR TIP TOP from Bergen, Norway, is a group playing fine progressive music with a retro sound and lysergic touch, which serves a very psychedelic aura .Their new album, Tomorrow Is Delayed, their 6th, is a transitional album as it marks a significant change in their line-up as the german born singer/keyboardist Sonja Otto makes her debut as the main vocalist after the departure of Svein Magnar Hansen. Classical trained as she is she also plays some keyboards.

Abel Ganz

“The Life of The Honey Bee, And Other Moments of Clarity“ is the eagerly and long-awaited new album from Scottish prog maestros Abel Ganz. A concept album comprising of six thematically linked pieces exploring our relationship with memory and loss. The liminal space between a fading ‘what was’ and an anticipated ‘what is to come’.
Pre-sale will begin at midday on Sat 28th March and run until May 31st. The official release date is postponed til July 6th 2020!

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant is happy to announce the release of the first 4 albums on vinyl April 3rd.

After the positive response to the box set “Unburied Treasure” many fans asked whether the vinyl albums would ever be available. The band has responded and decided to make these albums officially available for the first time in decades.

The band’s first album “Gentle Giant” was first released in October 1970. Produced by Tony Visconti it marks the 50th Anniversary of the recording and live appearances of the band. Tony Visconti produced the follow up album “Acquiring The Taste” in 1971.


Jolly Roger Records is proud to announce November 20th as release date for Witchwood's long awaited new album, entitled "Before the Winter" (Plastic Head distribution). The album will be available on Cd, double-vinyl with gatefold cover and one bonus track, and digital formats. After success of debut album "Litanies from the Woods" (2015) and following "Handful of Stars" (2016) the guys from Faenza (Italy) deserved to be considered one of the best retro-rock / prog bands of the last decade.
Infos and preorders :


Pre-Sale is now open ! Brand new album for Jargon (Verbal Delirium). You won't be disapointed !

McStine & Minnemann

Brand new single !!!

McStine & Minnemann is a new band consisting of Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance) and Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats). Pre-orders for their debut album began on Friday May 1st, along with the release of their first single “Program” and its brand new music video.

The duo initially met in 2018 while working with other artists, but as they discovered their shared passion for an assortment of Rock, Pop, and Punk artists, they decided to embark on a collaborative project together. Although McStine and Minnemann initially set out to record an EP, they quickly shifted to making an album as their musical ideas and chemistry flourished.

The result of their self-titled debut, McStine & Minnemann, is a high-energy collection of ten compact, yet expansive Rock songs that sit well next to the likes of XTC, Mr. Bungle, The Knack, Queen, and Frank Zappa. As both men are prolific multi-instrumentalists and writers, they have created a space for each other to showcase their incomparable instrumental talents, while infusing them with an incredible mix of melodic and lyrical depth.


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