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Steve Thorne

With: Steve Thorne



Sébastien Buret - June 2020

Profilprog (PP): Hello Steve and thank you for giving us your time to answer our questions.

PP - « Levelled » is your sixth album and the third part of « emotional creatures ». Why link it to the « Emotional Creatures » this time, I mean after three albums?

Two reasons really. As I was recording the songs, I was compelled to add lots of samples and, fx as with the first two albums. I had stopped this on, Ether, Crimes and, Imbeciles albums so, it seemed right although, I didn't intend to use the "emotional creatures" tag ever again. Secondly, the two short bookend tracks, "little boat" 1 and 2 reminded me of my "sandheads" track from Emo 2 and "god bless America" on part 1 of emotional creatures. Unconsciously, I had copied myself in some way. For those reasons, it seemed appropriate to do so.

PP - Before in 2016 was released « Island of the imbeciles ». At that time, we all understood it would be your last personal album. So, did you change your mind and why? Its is concomitant with a change of mood, of perspectives?

Yes, I've said that more than once. I always feel deflated and, slightly depressed when a project ends due to having to, let go of a thing that's consumed and amused me for a year or two solids. I don't really make albums and write for the entertainment of the public as nearly everyone else does, crazy though that may sound. I'm not doing anything to be liked or disliked by anyone but myself. Don't give a shit about success or failure as, they are fictions of the deluded. The albums are an authentic expression of my own and, probably just me, purging myself of the bile of the asylum we live in so, it no longer burdens my mind.

PP - In your press release, talking about « leveled » you warned us and told we might find offensive lyrics. What about « Island of the imbeciles »? Do you consider it offensive too? Did you change your mind?

I said that because, we live in a time when, everyone's got an opinion about everything and, the majority of people live, and worship " belief" as opposed to "knowledge" on pretty much every subject. We live in world of religious human fabrication. Imbeciles album wasn't offensive as far as I'm concerned. Not sure why anyone would possibly think so. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but, words can never hurt me" comes to mind. If people are offended by words alone then, they have a huge chip on their shoulders. Free speech is king till the end of time. Anyone who challenges that is by definition "a fascist" period.

PP - Musically speaking, how « leveled » is different in your opinion? Is it more intimate, more introspective?

It's a home boy of an album. I wanted to work with as few musicians as possible from my local area for once. Logistically, it was a breeze and a pleasure to make for that reason. It is sonically the best album I've made so far imo. Don't think it's that different in any way apart from the subject of it.

PP - What about the recording process? How long did it last?

It took me two years to assemble the album from twenty-three tracks down to eleven and, complete the demos. Most of it was recorded here at home until Kyle added his drums and then, at Rob Aubrey studio till completion. Another album is likely in the future as, I've got stacks of unused songs in my computer from all 6 albums.

PP - As for the line-up the contrast is clear with a limited and local number of musicians around you. Kyle Fenton from Cosmograf in on the drums and Geoff Lea on the guitars. Can you talk about those musicians?

What can I say? They are two very talented musicians. They are both a delight to work with and, I'll certainly be working with them in the future. Geoff Lea has also made videos for all eleven songs on "levelled" that, will be put out on various platforms soon.

PP - You play again all the other instruments here as the talented multi-instrumentist you are. But the most important thing is passion I can feel flowing again and again in your veins. What do you think?

Thanks for the compliment. If you haven't got full passion and commitment in anything you do, it shows terribly. I wring myself out in that way as, once it's released, you can never retrieve it for improvement. Having said that, I've never been fully convinced I've done my best yet. Still trying to dig that ultimate album out of myself and, not sure I'll ever achieve it.

PP - The central theme here is « heliocentrism » or « scientism ». Can you explain us this theory for non-specialists? Why your words could be offensive to the listener as you mentioned it in your press release?

Scientism is, the faith-based religion in which, every image and narrative and claim made by mainstream so called, scientific sources as, the gospel of truth. People readily admit that governments lie to public on every topic on a daily basis but, ignore the elephant in the room of NASA/space and, the true nature of the world we share. Science has been hijacked by, fallacious rhetoric spewing high priests that push and promote, unverifiable, unscientific, theoretical bollox to the populations of all countries. It is a huge money laundering racket of taxpayer’s money/energy. Even if it was all legit, which it isn't, it hasn't solved one human problem like, poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, child abuse, human trafficking/slavery of any people be they, black, white, yellow, pink, Christian, Moslem or anything else. Real "Science" is owned by every individual man, woman and child in possession of the five senses and, not, the monolithic elite institution of authoritarian priests we presently have. We should be using the "scientific method" which is, the proving of claims by way of, practical demonstrations that are, observable, repeatable, scalable, testable using, the substances cited in the claim i.e. Water clinging to the outside of a spinning ball of rock or even, a demonstration of a curving body of water. This cannot be practically demonstrated using the "scientific method" and, removing oneself from this earthly reference frame and is therefore, fallacious pseudoscientific nonsense.

PP - It’s quite obvious you seem to question here many conventions and beliefs we hold as truths. Must be aware of information? What is your opinion?

Yes indeed. I didn't realise how many "beliefs" I held until this particular topic reared itself up in front of me. "Belief" being, a poor substitute for "knowledge" we have consented or acquiesced to give our power of attorney and critical thought over to, perceived authority and so called "experts". People know too little and believe too much. We've all been over trusting and lazy but, those days are ending and, in the future truth and common sense will soon reign supreme whether certain people like it or not. It will be painful for those that allowed themselves to over invest mentally and spiritually in the obvious deceit that has taken place over the past five hundred years.

PP - Last question: what are your plans for the future? What would be your musical dream?

No plans yet apart from, growing as much fresh food as possible and, harvesting the free fruit, mushrooms, herbs from the wild in, the way nature intended.

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