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Fred Simoneau - Avril 2016

PROFIL - Good day Amadeus, first and foremost we would like to thank you for taking some time off your schedule and talking to us today.

AMADEUS AWAD - Hello guys, thank you for having me, it is always a pleasure to get in contact with the press, you are the main link between me and the fans worldwide, always appreciate what you do

PR –We have some questions, and the first one is about getting to know you as a musician as well as the person behind the artist. In a few words, how would you describe yourself?

AA – Thing is, I am not very aware of the boundaries separating the person and the artist, sometimes we indulge in a very bipolar relationship and sometimes in a very schizophrenic one, but we both know our limits; I guess it is very safe to say that I am a man of contradiction, and I prefer being alone.

PR – To tell you the truth, not many Progressive Rock artists come from Lebanon that we know of. How did you get involved in this music genre and tell us about how it is to be a rock musician from Lebanon in 2016.

AA – I do not believe in borders and countries whatsoever, but yeah, I come from this land where rock is not the main dish on the menu, it might not even be at all.

I do not think I got involved in the progressive rock movement because I wanted to, I am a story teller, and the way I tell a story in a song was pointed as eccentric progressive rock, and I really loved this.

I never listened to progressive rock before releasing Schizanimus, believe it or not, I am a hard rocker at heart, I never heard Steven Wilson, Arjen Lucassen or Anathema before 2014, let alone the progressive rock music of the 70's, I only checked all this out because reviewers were shouting Prog Rock all over my music, so, I guess progressive just happened.

PR –Now, let’s talk about your newest album “Death Is Just a Feeling”which was released in August 2015 and quickly sold out. From what we understand, you designed and produced the album all by yourself?

AA – I produced everything indeed, played everything but the drums as well, it was not an easy process as I truly hate working with myself, but I am the only one who can do things exactly the way I want them to be, I am so proud of this.

As for the design, it was all done by Roula Issa, including the photography on the album, I only guided her though the process to get to a point where the whole package reflects what I wanted to say.

PR – This album was written in result of your personal experience with death. Understanding that this is not the easiest subject to talk about; could you explain the key idea behind the meaning of this album?

AA – The album talks about a time when I felt like I lost everything; my connection with everything around me was out of tune, I hated myself and hated the world.

Maybe I faced a certain truth that the world would be a better place if I leave, that the people I hurt can have their revenge by watching my body floats through the river, everything was unbearable, I committed suicide for and by this album; I guess this album is a failed resurrection from that state of mind.

Death is a feeling, I was dead on the inside and all the life you see walking and talking was a decoration of a carcass.

PR – Was the track selection an easy process? Were there songs that didn’t make the cut for the album?

AA – I did not select anything, I wrote, recorded and released, this is a very natural album and my brain has no part in it at all. The songs were printed on tape in the same order they were written in, no changes, nothing.

PR – If you were to compare your previous releases with this new album, how will it stack up against them?

AA – It is my best album in terms of song writing and mingling with new sounds of darkness.
I played all the keyboards, designed all the sounds and spoke through every instrument, and everything just fell into place.

I can feel that I matured a lot, not to mention that the subject forced some elements, gloomy ones.

PR – How is it, with today’s reality in the music industry, to write and create an album these days?

AA – VERY hard, wait, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so, and every artists who is producing good quality music is doing that on the extent of his own life, I salute everyone who is still able to find motivation to compose and release music, notably I mention Kristoffer Gildenlow who recently released his album The Rain, this man is BRAVE and he achieved what I see as the IMPOSSIBLE.

PR – Some will say that Progressive Rock music is dying, what would your answer be in reaction to this statement?

AA – Not at all, Progressive Rock is at its peak, but we suffer the lack of sales, people like to download free stuff, the audience is huge, the money is close to null.

PR – “Death Is Just a Feeling” was your first album to see light of day on CD. Your previous work was only available through digital downloads. Is it possible to survive in the industry and continue creating using Internet as your main delivery method?

AA – All my albums were available on CD in select countries, Lebanon of course, Turkey and Dubai.
But with Death Is Just A Feeling I decided to reach a wider audience, and , though it was risky, but I am ready to do all over again if I ever release another album.

PR –Lyrically and musically, what are your main influences?

AA – Everything I hear, everything I read and everything that passes by is an influence.
I write about my personal life, so I guess this is the biggest source of inspiration.

PR –Would you consider yourself a Poet?

AA – I actually have a poetry book coming sometime this year, I do not know if this makes me a poet; I consider myself someone who writes.

PR- On my name and PROFIL’s, I would like to wish you all the best with any new projects coming up as well with the sale of your previous work. You have the final word…

AA – Thank you for the support and for the hard work and I hope to talk to you again, soon.

PR – Have a great day and thanks one more time.

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